The Bachelor Farmers

Details: A family from Norway comes to America groups of members at a time. When the last 2 brothers arrive in America the family is complete and wealth and prosperity are hard earned. When the Head of the family, the Father passes on and leaves the family his love and life. As the years go on, the younger brothers learn to be great business men, and discover if there is time for love and family or not.

My Review: This was a really great book. The story line was very intriguing because I have Norwegian blood in my family. Farming is always lots of risk, lots of time, lots and lots of hard tiring work. Hans and Jon are very interesting characters. They are strong as a family, but don't always see eye to eye. Brenda is a great author, she has enraptured the beautiful landscape, the love that a family who was broken apart, and brought back together. In the book there is a love scene, though from the book description one does wonder if something occurs or not between the brothers and the woman who stays with them as a cook. Brenda has captured what many movies have in this love that happens. It is very comparable to: Nights in the Rodanthe, Titanic, a Walk to Remember movies. There are no disrespectful descriptions or anything in this matter in the love scene. Simply put, this is a beautiful sad romance book, with surprising closure at the end.

Pros: very well written, a great sad romance book

Cons: sad romances are just that, sad, but that's why many women and men enjoy them

My Rating 

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