Hooked on Baby Learn to Sign

Details: "Baby Signing Time special edition", 2 special baby signing time DVDs, 2 sets of flash cards, 2 cds with 8 songs from the DVDs, Good Night baby CD, 36 page parent's book, milestone poster and stickers reference chart.  6months-2 yrs.

Introduces ASL and encourages communication development and the parent child bond.  Introduces over 70 signs from the following categories.
1. Family and People
2. Pets and Nature
3. Food
4. Getting Ready for the Day
5. Bedtime
6. Feelings
7. Helpful Signs

My Review: The movies were a little boring but actually worked.  My 5 year old wouldn't watch the movies, but he loved the reference chart, and the flash cards.  My 2 year old loved the movies, Cds but not the flash cards.  A four year old who did this program with us also wasn't very interested in this program.  This really is a great program for younger children.  Easy to use, fun to use and totally worth it.  We checked this program out from the PERC center at the Orem Public Library.

Pros: great product, fun songs,easy to read flash cards

Cos: great for babies and young kids, would be great if there was something for older children.

My Rating 

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  1. I know a lot of people are using the signing with their babies now. Very cute review.