Though the Bud be Bruised

Though the Bud Be BruisedThough the Bud Be Bruised by Jo Wanmer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Details: Issy needed to tell her mom something very important but with house guests how would her busy mother make the time? She can't, she wouldn't, and won't. When Zara reads her daughter's letter she is segregated. Why didn't she see this? Why didn't she know before? Why has she failed at the one thing she has wanted her whole life? Why did this happen to her daughter, to her family? When will it stop? Does God even care about what is happening? Why didn't. He protect her Issue? As bad becomes worse and worse becomes horrible and continues to spiral out of control this little family is tested up to the breaking point by God. Then they are pushed; broken and left to see if they will rely on this Being who claims He loves all mankind.
Betrayed by her parent's best friends can Issy over come her confusion, hurt, and learn to love her mother and father once again? Will she rely on the Lord to help her over come her nightmares? Can God really help her stop ODing?

My Review: I feel for Issy. What a sweet girl and then she's forced into a never ending nightmare. A nightmare that affects her whole life and even affects her family, friends, and her future. I have never gone through this trial but any one who has gone through a trial that has given them experiences with betrayals, chruch members not helping or being concerned, family being hurt, physical pain, emotional pain, and spiritual pain can feel for this family. This is a graphic book of pain. We do not get the full extent of Issy's torture, but the after math is very graphic, potently charged with emotions, heart wrenching, soul searching, life changing lessons, hope and a failure of hope and faith. With everything in between exposed and questioned.

Pros: amazing details, great characters, wonderful well planned and thoughtout plot, I love all the God questioning and friend betrayals because it makes their story more believable. I love that this is based on a true story.

Cons: there was a section of story where it was just dialogue but I couldn't figure out who was saying what.

MY RATING: thumbs up and thumbs down. It was one of the most intence books I'ge ever read. But it may be too intence for some people. I love it. Just giving the warning for the intensity, immense pain and close to the heart trials.

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