Tai Pei Microwaveable dinners

Details: Tai Pei now has a microwaveable line of dinner foods.  Vegetable egg rolls and chicken potstickers are just 2 of the new options.  New fast easy ways to get the delicious food you love!

Vegetable Egg Rolls: vegetables in a crispy wrapper with dipping sauce.  3 in a box, to be kept frozen until ready to cook and serve.  Cooking directions on the box are for both the microwave and the conventional oven.  Thai Pei vegetable egg rolls are loaded with traditional style and flavor.  They feature fresh cut vegetables in a crispy wrapper made of whole grains.

Chicken Potstickers: chicken and vegetable dumplings with dipping sauce.  0g trans fat, 8g protein and no MSG added.  5 potstickers per box.  cooking directions on the box are for both the microwave and the skillet.  Enjoy a savory blend of lightly seasoned chicken and fresh cut vegetables nestled in delicate pleated wrappers.

My Review:  I love these Tai Pei microwaveable foods.  This is so nice for one the go, fast paced, busy families wanting yummy food for dinner, or snacks.  The Egg Rolls came with sweet and sour dipping sauce.  The Chicken Potstickers came with soy dipping sauce.  I made 1 box of each for dinner and got 3 meals out of what was inside.  I tried the microwave and the skillet and the oven for cooking each food to see how they turned out.  To be honest the skillet and oven were the best, they made the food crispier then the microwave.  But the microwave was still good, just a little bit soggy.

My Rating: The food was really good, but it wasn't as crispy as I wanted it to be when cooked in the microwave.

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