My True EssenceMy True Essence by Shawneda Marks
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Details: Rebecca is finally out of her abusive relationship with her Ex-husband. But things look like they are going from bad to worse, she's sick when her new husband and her present to their biggest client ever. Her Aunt and Mother are moving out of the States, and she just found out that her Aunt has breast cancer. Because she's been sick Rebecca can't go see her family. Rebecca's best friend just had a bad accident on her motorcycle and is keeping a secret from Rebecca.

As Rebecca fills her time trying to do good, and trying to rely on the Lord, she's finding out just how much stress she can handle, how much stress could possibly destroy her new marriage. How strong she can be when people care nothing about her skills, talents, her willingness to loose all her friends for a cause that is dear to her heart: Breast Cancer awareness, research and comfort of those going through treatment. Will friends stay friends? Will Rebecca become an outcast because her heart is too good, and people she thought were friends do everything in their power to destroy everything she loves? Will Breast Cancer kill the people she loves, and leave her alone? Will God answer her prayers, the prayers of her family and friends, or the prayers of her enemies?

My Review: This is an amazing story. One that has you 1.guessing, 2.praying for each character, 3.addicted to the plot and story line, 4.wishing you were in on the action. Each character is very well written, realistic, and dealing with realistic problems, issues, concerns, joys and excitements. Each character has a well thought out and planned story line that leads us through sadness, happiness, concern, prayer and interacts with all the other story lines like the perfect spider web. This book should be a motivator to all woman in the world. The lessons learned are so amazing.

From this book I've been able to forgive myself for mistakes I have made that have affected others, especially my friends. I have been able to pray for people who hate me, and come to love them as Christ loves us all. I have been able to come to peace about very sore, hurtful, painful, trying issues and concerns my own life is living right now because of the strength I found through the lives of the women in this book.

Pros: Well written, amazing content, surprisingly good plot and characterization, a lesson's book for those who read it.

Cons: none


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  1. Wow! God bless you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review MY TRUE ESSENCE, to God be the glory.