Number Hunt Game

Details: Six math games in one!  Made by Discovery Toys.  Earth friendly and kid fun!  Beyond learning getting smart is just half the fun of learning.  The hunt is on by rolling the dice and moving your disks along the trail through the jungle.  Add numbers and subtract numbers, count insects, and more.  Ages 4 and up, and 2-4 players, takes 15 minutes to play.

This product is organic and printed with vegetable ink on recycled paper and includes parts made from natural wood and bamboo.  This is sustainable and biodegradable and renewable resource.  All products meet or exceed ASTM safety standards.

Information: This sounded like a really fun game, as we're getting our 5 year old ready for Kindergarten this fall, but let me tell you we were all very bored with the game within 5 minutes.  The instructions are confusing even for me to figure out to explain to my children.  The two cool things about this game is that 1. its organic and biodegradable and environmentally safe, and 2. Its instructions are printed on the top cover box so you can't loose them.  I am not pleased with this game at all.  I do not recommend it.  We checked this out from Orem Public Library's PERC center.

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