Slow Cooker Creations

200 Slow Cooker Creations  by Stephanie Ashcraft and Janet Eyring

Details: 200 recipes for crock pots.  This is new as of 2010, so it contains fun new exciting popular crock pot recipes.  Contents include: 10 beverages, 13 dips and fondues, 37 soups/stews/sides, 13 pasta recipes,  41 poultry, 31 beef recipes, 30 pork recipes, 24 desserts and bread recipes.

 Information:  My Mother-in-law bought this for me back in April 2011, I didn't get a crock pot until September 2011.  I love this cook book, I never knew how many types of things we could cook in a crock pot.  But I love the lasagna recipe, the cake recipes, the sweet and sour chicken and the stir-fry chicken recipes.  My family eats  lots of rice, chicken, ground turkey, and pasta.  So being able to throw dinner into the crock pot in the morning or even the night before helps with my crazy small kitchen and my crazy life with my two very energetic kids.  Now here's some cool information.  You can buy this book at Sea Gull Books, Desseret Book Store, for around $13.  Or you can go online to amazon.com and buy it for $11, or get the Kindle copy for $5.  For those of you who love Kindle books, and love cook books this is a great buy and its totally worth it!

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  1. Using a slow cooker to create this variety of meal ideas seem to be a good idea if you're constantly on-the-run. Thanks for giving details of this cook book.