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Travel Tracks for kids is so simple and fun! And there are so many wonderful Discovery Toys out there.

Why this toy is so beneficial for learning . . . 

Discovery Toys Travel TracksThis is an educational hands on toy, not just because it can teach geography, earth science, problem solving, puzzle skills and fine motor skills, critical thinking skills and other life and social skills.  This is an educational hands on toy, not just because it comes with 2 wind up jeeps so your child can learn to share, or your children can learn to take turns, learn to wait for their turn.  They can also learn probability, and chance because the wind up jeeps follow paths the puzzle pieces create, and if an incomplete path or a path with a fork in the road, the jeep’s mechanism will compensate.  We found as we explored this toy that there are dozens of possibilities of how to make the tracks.  Your kit comes with 8 track puzzle pieces; that connect in many different ways!

Discovery Toys Travel Tracks  Learning is fun because… it's all about Discovery Toys  In the beginning, I found this at Saver's in Orem Utah, and paid $1 for this.  Saver's is a Thrift store, very similar set up like Salvation Army and Good Will, however, their store is a lot nicer.  There are organized racks of clean clothing, organized selves and bins for stuffed animals and kid's toys, books organized into sections like Kids books, informational, romance, etc.  This is a store that I really enjoy shopping at because we're on a tight budget.  So when I find a really good deal, I have to blog about it.  I mean who wouldn't want to know about an amazing product?  Ding! Ding! Ding!  I love hearing from my friends, from blogs, and peers what the best toys, and products are.  Especially awesome products for kids, because my kids rule my life right now.  My product review is from personal experience with this toy, and how my kids enjoyed using it.  As it is a Discovery Toy branded toy, I know it cost more than Thrift store pricing.  However, I'm very grateful that I was able to find it at such a good deal.  This was a great treasure that I found, because it introduced my family to the company Discovery Toys.  A company that focuses on helping children learn in fun exciting ways.  When you find a good company, with great products, you want to be able to easily purchase more products from them.  However, I have found that Discovery Toys is one of those companys where you need to find a Rep who sells the products, because only specialty stores sell these products.  
Discovery Toys Travel Tracks

Check out this Product... This was a complete hit in my house!  See, my kids love to put the puzzle piece travel tracks into different shapes, and change the pathways to have the jeeps travel through the topography type of map full of volcanoes, glaciers, beaches, forestry and lots of other land.  I found that for very young children this is a great parent child time toy, as you can help teach the child about the different geographic areas the vehicles travel through, and you can play one on one with your child as there are only 2 jeeps that come in the package.  With older children they will be able to place the puzzle pieces, interlock the pathways for the vehicles, and be able to create a whole new world of imagination play.  I like to think of this as an educational version of the popular Hot Wheels tracks.  The jeeps are child hand sized (roughly 2 inches or so in size)  The only negative thing about this set is if one of the vehicles breaks (like the wheels break) you can't substitute it for a vehicle you can buy in Wal-Mart or Target.  You have to go back to a company Rep who sells Discovery Toys, and work with them.  I highly suggest this product for any of the following: in the home, Preschools, Home school groups, Joy schools, Co-op schools, and public school media or class rooms.

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My Rating? A BIG Thumbs Up!

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  1. What a great find! And love that it's so educational as well as fun!

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