Most Loved Slow Cooker Creations

Company's Coming - Most Loved Slow Cooker Creations

Details: This is the best collection from the whole Company's Coming library, and put into the best crock pot recipes.  This comes with time-saving tricks and handy hints.  With the theory of "Never share a recipe you wouldn't use yourself", Jean Pare' knows what is best and how to get exactly what you want from your food in the crock pot.

Information:  Some of the best recipes I've found in the book are the Chinese Mushroom soup, Sweetish meatballs, Stuffed Chicken Rolls, BBQ Shredded Pork sandwiches.  I love that this book has tips on oven temperatures and altitude, and a measurement chart for different types of measurement conversions.  Jean Pare' and her Company's Coming library of cook books are wonderful!  I also have two other cook books from this group and just love them all.  I highly suggest this cook book if you love your crock pot!

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