Details: 12 plastic slides with insects on them to view under the light.  Games, codes, puzzles and more.  Easy usage, bright colors, fun, educational tool.  Sound on, off, and volume control.  Simple easy to understand instructions. For children 3 and older.

Information:  I checked this out from Orem Public Library's PERC center for 1 week.  My kids are ages 2 and 4 and love this!  This is a great parent child, or teacher child tool to use to help teach children about science, insects, listening to a question and then give the correct answer from what you see.  This company has a few different models, so I've posted a few different pictures, and prices that I've found on Amazon.com.  I highly recommend you buy or check out this product for your children to use at least once!  Its so easy my 2 year old knows how to turn it on, put the slides in place, and get to the easiest set of games.

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