Yeast Infection Tips

Have you ever had a yeast infection?  

What about your baby or toddler?  It's pretty bad stuff, and not very fun to have to deal with, and can be really difficult to kill. You can go to the store and try the half a dozen or so 1 day super expensive stuff, the 5 day moderately priced stuff, or the 7 day lower priced stuff.  If your baby has a yeast infection in the diaper area, or if a woman or man has a yeast infection in the genital area, or if an adult has thrush in that same area; below are some great tips for a way to kill it quickly, safely, and naturally.

Recipe for Healing a Yeast Infection:
*fresh garlic
*Extra Virgin Olive Oil
*glass bowl with lid

For Yeast Infection:
Fresh Garlic for Yeast InfectionGet a fresh garlic clove, and mince it all up into a small glass bowl (this bowl needs a lid), now mix in enough olive oil to cover up all the garlic.  Let the mixture sit in the covered bowl for 3 days.  Put the bowl in a cool dark place, so that you don't harvest mold.  Now apply with cotton balls on a baby or toddler to their diaper area, pat it on, don't rub it on.  If this seems to hurt the child or baby, apply lightly, let it sit a  few seconds and then clean off.  If that doesn't work, we used Vaseline on the affected area, then the garlic mixture.  That helped a lot better with the discomfort.  Apply with a wash rag or cotton balls to adults as well.

For Thrush:
Crisco Olive Oils for ThrushIf you have thrush cut garlic cloves open and put the freshly cut side on your tongue for 30 seconds.  Do this up to 6 times a day (2 in the morning, 2 around noon, and 2 at night).  For children its harder to get them to leave a garlic piece on their tongue, so you can follow the instructions for the garlic olive oil and use a dropper to put a few drops in their mouth up to 6 times a day.

I have tried both of these tips on my self, my husband and my baby when we had yeast infections, and my baby had thrush.  After suffering with a yeast infection for 2 weeks and nothing in the store was working I tried this and it was gone in 3 days.  My baby had thrush for 3 days and it was gone after using this in 2 days.

My husband has had yeast infections from poor diet, and dirty work out clothes, and has killed those in just a few days.  There are other things to try, but this is all natural, and it has worked for everyone I've told.  It does burn a bit at first, and you'll feel like you need to scratch, but don't! My husband used the cotton balls and found they worked best for him.  I felt the washrag worked best for me.

And always remember to wash with soap often and keep the area dry!

So go ahead and give both options a try when you test this out for yourself.

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