Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins
Okay so to start I just want to say that since I was between the ages of 8 and 10 I learned to hate taking any type of swallow-able pill, vitamin, medicine etc.  They always seemed to get stuck in my throat no matter how much liquid I dumped down my esophagus, and I always got sick from them no matter how much food I would eat right before and right after taking them.  So my rating is hugely important to this product because I've hated products like this for almost 18 years now.

Details: 2X/30 tablets, 30 prenatal multi-vitamin tablets, and 30 prenatal DHA/EPA soft gels.  Complete prenatal multi-vitamins and DHA. DHA to support healthy fetal brain and eye development, more folic acid, and more iron.  To be used before, during and after pregnancy.  Helps with bone strength, heart health, immune system, healthy skin, brain and nervous system, eyes, bone and teeth, oxygen delivery for mother and baby.

Information:  First of all after giving birth to 2 children, I have tried 4 different prenatal vitamins, and these are the best I've found in 5 years of being a mother.  I've tried  prescription vitamins that made me sick, gummy vitamins that tasted so good, and super stinky vitamins that I could barely swallow.  But these are super easy to swallow, they smell like strawberry, and have no strong after tastes.  Even the Omega 3's aren't too strong so that I end up tasting them when I burp.  After 3 days of taking these I already had a clearer mind, I could think better and concentrate, I wasn't forgetting things like I was, (meaning no more Mommy Brain), my skin felt better, my body felt better.  I could work out with more endurance.  I started taking these even though I wasn't pregnant, and wasn't planning to get pregnant for a while, but I needed to get healthier and this is a great product!  I highly recommend this!

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