Match It! ABC Game

Looking for a great ABC game for kids?

26 upper case puzzle pieces, 26 picture puzzle pieces, and 26 lower case puzzle pieces, and directions.  There are different ways to play this game, depending on the age of your children.  For ages 4 and up.  Educational benefits teach speaking, reading, cause and effect and problem solving.

Information: This looked like a boring game for my 4 year old, but he loved it.  He had forgotten some of the lower case letters, and having to find them by sight to match a picture and the upper case letter was really fun to watch.  We played this by organizing all the pieces into their separate groups (upper, lower, picture), and he had to choose an upper case letter, match it to the picture and find the lower case letter too.  To help him, he learned the sounds that each letter makes, and had to find pictures that he doesn't normally associate with each letter (sun instead of snake, jar instead of jam, yarn instead of yo-yo).  We checked this out from Orem Public Library's PERC center, and had to turn it in before we got around to playing this like Memory.  I highly recommend this game!

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