Silly Sentences

Silly Sentences Educational Game

Why this game is awesome for kids! 

This game is for 1-4 players, starting at 4-7 years old. This game helps teach grammar skills for elementary aged children.  This is a puzzle type game, each piece fits together to create sentences.  Each piece is a combination of a word with or without its picture.

Some more details 

 My 4 year old had a blast playing this with me one afternoon.  We checked it out from Orem Utah Public Library's PERC (Parent Educational Resource Center) for a whole week, and had a good time learning how to play it, read and build sentences.

This game is easy enough for a preschooler to read and play. You could build 1-7 sentences at one time, and there were enough pieces to build hundreds of sentences with lots of different rules to help teach your child.  It helps teach adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc, and it helps teach site words to your children.  This was such a popular game from the Library, that there were a few missing pieces. However we still had enough pieces to do what we needed.

So if you buy this, which is very worth the money, it's okay if you loose one piece or two, there are tons of "a's", "the's", "and's", etc.  Which was pretty surprising because those are the letters/ phrases that generally don't have enough.  Another cool thing about this game, is that if your child is still learning how to read, some of the word cards have pictures.  Those pictures make it a lot more fun for the child too.  However, if you loose a noun or verb card well you can still play you just won't be able to put that picture card in the sentence anymore.

Silly Sentences Educational Game

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