Blueberry Lemonade Recipe

Last night I had a group of friends over and served them Blueberry Lemonade.  It was gone in no time flat.  This is a crowd of people that are hooked on Coke and Pepsi.  I was so impressed they liked my Blueberry Lemonade so much.  Out of all the different flavored lemonades I have made, this is by the far the most popular.
Make or purchase 1 gallon of your favorite lemonade.  Personally I don't mind the powdered mixes, but truth be told I think the frozen concentrate is the best ever.
Next remove 1 quart of lemonade and place in another container for later, or drink it up now.
You will need to purchase a 64 oz. container of Blueberry/Cranberry Juice NO sugar added.  Ocean Spray and Northland carries that.
Add 1/2 container of the Blueberry/Cranberry Juice to your 3/4 gallon of lemonade.  Add ice if desired.  It's always desired by me.
Stir, blend, and pour yourself a big tall glass.  You might want to get fancy and add fresh or frozen blueberries in each cup, and place a slice of lemon on the cup.  Either way, it's going to taste great.
Make it up, taste it, serve it, and let me know what you think.  Enjoy!
Blueberry Lemonade
Blueberry Lemonade

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