My Daughter's Wedding Reception Lemonade Recipe

Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

When my daughter got married she wanted to have Strawberry Lemonade served at her reception. We tried all different kinds of combinations. The following is the one that our family liked the best as we were trying the various recipes out.  It is also the strawberry lemonade recipe we served at my daughter's wedding reception.  I've posted it today, as it is her 10th Wedding Anniversary today.  Congratulations daughter!
Take 1 can frozen concentrated lemonade, and reconstitute per instructions on can. Then add between 1/4 to 1/2 cup Strawberry Syrup for ice cream. We found that 1/3 cup was very good and used that amount for the reception. However, there have been times later when we like it a little more lemony or little more strawberry flavored. Enjoy!
Strawberry Lemonade recipe
Strawberry Lemonade
Wedding Strawberry Lemonade served in these glasses from Ozeri will look elegant.

My so very creative and talented daughter created this painting about Lemonade.  This painting is one of her many "Nature 2 Nature" paintings.  She uses various elements from nature to paint her artwork. She used lemons and limes as her "brushes" for this. I especially love this one.

Strawberry Lemonade recipe

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