7 Beauty Tips Using Apple Cider Vinegar Externally

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of those awesome products with oodles of great benefits.  I've listed the top 7 beauty tips I use apple cider vinegar externally.  It is not only good for you externally, but internally as well.  You will gain stronger benefits by using ACV with the mother.  I have personally tried Heinz, Bragg's, and White House Organic.  I prefer Bragg's and White House Organic as each of these are Raw and Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother.  I felt like the results were noticed more quickly and lasted longer.  However, when Bragg's or White House Organic are not available at my local grocery store, I will go back to Heinz.


 Here are 7 beauty tips using ACV externally.
     1.  If you are prone to greasy hair, be sure to rinse your hair with a 50/50 ratio of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water.  Your hair will be less oily, but further more it will shine. In addition you can use the same mix above as a skin toner.

I personally use this to rinse my hair after shampooing, and before applying conditioner. Years ago, it was my only form of conditioner.  My hair shined after application.  It was softer when it dried. 

Now my hair is dryer and more damaged due to hair dye, and I love the extra creamy conditioners after applying apple cider vinegar.  My hair still shines, and my hair is still softer with the use of ACV.  When I do not use ACV rinse, my hair suffers more from frizziness, duller looking, and it is harder to manage. My son-in-law said it made a big difference in his dry itchy and flaky scalp.  He's sold on it.

Apple Cider Vinegar
     2.  In addition you can use the same mix above as a skin toner.

My husband uses this every night as a skin toner.  He has Rosacea, and this has helped him immensely.  In fact, it has been at least a year since he has had any flare up, and he feels it was due to apple cider vinegar.

I find it helpful when I have big zits pop up on my face to disappear within a day or two after applying acv to them.

     3.   Got achy sore feet?  Add 1 cup of ACV to a basin of water.  Soak feet for 15 minutes and they will feel much better.
We haven't tried this yet.  Will need to try it tonight when we watch a movie.

Bragg Organic ACV

     4.  Looking for whiter teeth? Then gargle with ACV first thing in the morning.  It helps remove stains and brightens your teeth, freshens your breath, by killing bacteria in your mouth and gums.  Brush as usual afterwards.  If you substitute baking soda a few times during the week, this will help whiten your teeth further.

My husband and I both do this one.  It not only helps whiten our teeth, but we use it after lunch in which we each have 1 whole clove of garlic on our sandwiches.  Neither of us have experienced the typical garlic breath when we rinse with ACV right after lunch.

     5.  Body deodorizer.  Apply 50/50 ratio of ACV/Water on cotton ball and wipe under arms or other places you want to remove body odor.  OR add 1 cup to bath water and soak for at least 20 minutes.  This will help detox your body and you will feel very relaxed yet energized afterwards.

We have applied ACV to our underarms in place of deodorant on occasion.  I actually am unable to use traditional deodorants and antiperspirants due to lymphatic system issues. ACV does work wonders.

     6.  Help reduce fine lines and age spots.  Yes this works as long as the age spots aren't any deeper than the top layer of skin.  It will also help tighten skin around eyes to reduce those fine lines.

Since we use this as a skin toner, we've noticed many benefits including those listed above.

     7.  Helps reduce the pain from sunburn.

We so seldom burn that we have not had the opportunity to test this out.  

Hopefully you will find at least one or more ways to add Apple Cider Vinegar to  your daily beauty routine. I believe you will find you will like it just like we do.

WhiteHouse Organic ACV

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