Best Tasting 2 ingredient BBQ Ribs Cooked in Crockpot

Hands down this is the absolute best tasting 2 ingredient BBQ ribs cooked in a crockpot ever. The aroma from these ribs is sensational.  
Bar-B-Qued Ribs Recipe
I place thawed country style ribs in the crockpot (ingredient #1)  and 1 - 18 oz. bottle of BBQ sauce (ingredient #2) over top. I cook on high for about 8-10 hours. These are also very tender and moist. The meat falls off the bones. Everyone who trys them (even those who do not like BBQ) do like these ribs. The ribs are great served with rice, a salad and veggies. The Spinach and Mandarin Orange Salad is perfect for this meal.  
BBQ Ribs
BBQ Ribs

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