Why I Love This Diffuser (And You Should Too)

Details:  There are so many reasons why I love this InnoGear Diffuser, and you should too.  InnoGear offers a 500ml water capacity Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser. It can run up to 8 hours in high mist mode and 17 hours in low mist mode continuously. Will scent a 430 square foot room and help humidify up to 270 square foot room.


Mist is cool almost dry.  Has 4 timer settings, 60 minutes, 120 minutes, 180 minutes and continuous mode. Option for strong or weak mist.

Has 7 LED Color Changes.  Makes a great romantic night light, or regular night light.  Can set to keep a specific color on.

Runs quiet and has auto shut off.

My Review:  I'm always looking for great diffusers.  This one is so cool, literally.  I love the 7 different colors that rotate as diffuser is running.  I also like being able to select a favorite color and let it stay that way.  The mist is cool and dry feeling.  I placed this on my bamboo flooring and not a single drop of moisture any where on my floor.  I had this running for 120 minutes straight.  

Notice Mist at Top of Diffuser
One of the features that I like is that I can use the filtered water from my fridge instead of always having to use distilled water.  My husband was excited that he could smell the essential oils within a couple of minutes in his office, (second floor back bedroom), while the diffuser was in another bedroom on the first floor.  He's the first one to turn on the diffuser each morning.  He sets the timer for 120 minutes.  Sometimes he will set it again in the late afternoon.  His favorite scent for our house is lemon essential oil, although eucalyptus is a close second. 


We both love how the InnoGear 500ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser can fill our first and second floors with any essential oil scent we choose in just minutes.  It is awesome. This is certainly larger than 430 square foot room, but we do have a grand family room (aka...a 20 foot ceiling open to the upstairs) which allows for this diffuser to work very well for us.

Weak Mist
Now my husband is excited to find other essential oil scents for our home.  We have tried aroma therapy oils in this diffuser, all with great results.  Of course, the aroma therapy oils require more than just a drop or two, as they are not as highly concentrated as essential oils.  Changing out the various scents is as easy as washing the water tank with dish soap and rinsing well.

The feature I really like, next to the 7 LED colors this diffuser has, is that it is also a humidifier that has an option to let off a weak or a strong mist.  The mist is a cool dry mist. Currently we live in a very humid climate, and I was very worried about putting more moisture into the air.  I no longer have this worry at all.  Even my husband was concerned about it, and seriously kept checking the floor and furniture all around the diffuser every 5 minutes.  After the first hour he realized that the mist was "dry" and therefore, no moisture on anything.  He's sold.  Yeah!!!

Strong Mist
Innogear Color Changing EO Diffuser
Another great feature is the waterless auto shut off.  We never have to worry about the unit burning up, or any thing else more serious.  This is an all around great product.

Pros:  Awesome diffuser that covers a large area.  Like the dry cool mist.  Like being able to use filtered water from fridge.  Very easy it is to change out the water/eo mix.  Oh, and did I mention I love the changing colors.

Cons: None.

My Rating:  A Huge Thumbs UP!!!  
Disclaimer:  I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  I highly recommend this product. Makes a great gift for Valentine's, House Warming Gift, Wedding Showers, Weddings, New Mothers, Great for College Kids, Families, Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc.

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