Aroma-Therapy Diffuser by SpaRoom

Details:  SpaRoom Essentials offers an Aromafier diffuser which is portable.  It runs on 2 AA batteries, USB cord, or AC adapter.  (It comes with the USB cord.)  Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, or aromatherapy oil and enjoy the fragrant experience.  It uses absorbent pads, therefore no water or heat is needed, which makes this safe for travel.  Has a silent fan which broadcasts the fragrance and comes with 3 replaceable micro-absorbing pads.

Aromafier Travel Diffuser by SpaRoom Essential

My Review:  I've been looking for a diffuser for some time now.  I've narrowed down a variety in which I would like to try for various reasons.  The SpaRoom Aromafier diffuser was a great way for me to start breaking in to the use of diffusers.

What attracted me the most to this particular one, is that I could take it traveling, without the mess of the liquid essential oils and water routine.  I can plug this into my USB/AC plug adapter and can use this anywhere there is a 110 electrical current outlet.  Not only that, but I can also plug it into my computer while working, and it does a great job of infusing my 11x12 foot room with the aromatherapy oils I am using.

Years ago, I had purchased a color changing mini fountain to sit on my husband's work desk.  While it ran, he could listen to the sound of the water, and we had a variety of aromatherapy oils he could use depending on his mood and if he needed to de-stress or not.  That became so complicated to change out the water each time he wanted a different fragrance that he gave up on it.

The Aromafier only needs to have the absorbent pads changed out and we're up and running.  Instead of purchasing more absorbent pads, I took the round cleaning pads for use with cleansing faces or getting nail polish off with, cut out a hole in the middle to fit into the Aromafier, and added my fragrances.  Each is stored in its separate little plastic bag and labeled with the fragrance oil and what it is good for.  These have worked out great.  So far we've gone through about 6 different fragrances to determine which we like best and for what.  For instance, when it's a high stress work day, out comes the lavender.  Within a couple of minutes, the smell of lavender is working through our olfactory senses and we find ourselves more calm almost immediately.

I have used both essential oils and aromatherapy oils in this little guy.  Obviously it takes more drops of aromatherapy oils to disperse than essential oils.  Both work great on those little pads.  I have noticed that on days with high humidity, the Aromafier will have some condensation built up inside. I just wiped with a tissue and haven't had any issues.

The fan is audible, but quiet.  Nothing that keeps me awake at night when I run the Aromafier.  It has a bright blue light that shines when it is on.  That can be annoying at night.  It disturbed my husband, and we had to move it to make it less visible.

Pros:  Love the versatility of this diffuser.  It's small and portable.  Can use aromatherapy oils and essential oils.  Great for travel.  Overall, a great product.

Cons:  Sometimes condensation builds up inside near the pad, but doesn't stop the unit from working.

My Rating:  A Big Thumbs UP!!!

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