Turmeric by Healthnex

Details:  Turmeric by Healthnex Supplements is a product that is pure and 100% natural.  There are no artificial fillers, flavorings, or colorings.  Their products are made in the USA.  They contain the maximum potency specifically formulated to deliver the highest potency curcumin for optimal joint, brain and tissue health.

Turmeric releives joint paint.  It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent, relieving stiff joints and arthritis pain for better mobility and stamina.  It is an antioxidant and detoxifier.  Curcumin naturally removes dangerous toxins from your body and protects you agains cellular damage for healthier skin, organs, muscles and bones.

My Review:  I'm constantly amazed by the people my age who are on so many pain relievers OTC or prescription that do not find relief.  I often recommend Turmeric but they don't believe it will work. Well, I'm here to tell you that it does.  I honestly cannot take aspirin, or other OTC pain relievers without sever stomach cramps.  Even half doses are more painful in my stomach than the pain I'm trying to relieve.  The first time I got introduced to capsuled turmeric it was in a combination with other natural pain relievers.  It worked OK, but not nearly as good as the plain turmeric.  My stomach never cramps up, and seriously, within 30 minutes my pain has subsided.

For instance, the other night, I could not sleep.  My legs were extremely restless, and my lower back hips were in pain.  It didn't matter which position I tried to sleep, it was painful.  I got up and took 1 Turmeric capsule by Healthnex Supplements, without food.  My stomach never showed any signs of discomfort.  Within 30 minutes my restless legs had calmed down completely.  Within 40 minutes I was asleep with no pain from my lower back hips the rest of the night.  It was awesome.

I know they don't list restless leg syndrome as something turmeric helps with, but it does for me.  I often find relief by taking turmeric.

I also like just taking the capsule apart and using the turmeric as a natural yellow food coloring in foods.  My Thanksgiving Gravy was not only a beautiful color, but more healthy too.

Pros:  Great pain reliever and restless leg syndrome reliever.  Doesn't hurt my stomach even when I take on an empty stomach.

Cons:  None.

My Rating:  A Big Thumbs UP!!!

Disclaimer:I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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