NOW Essential Oils

Details: NOW Foods Essential Oils are extracted using 4 different methods depending on the plant. They use Steam Distillation, Cold Press Extraction, Solvent Extraction and CO2 Extraction.  All NOW Essential Oils are GC/FTIR verified.  They offer Certified Organic, Pure and Natural, and Essential Oil Blend Classifications.  Their oils can be used on skin, in the bath, diffused, or in cosmetics.

They offer a wonderful chart on Essential Oil uses which can be found here.

They also have several recipes for blending your own which can be found here.

My Review:  Many moons ago, I purchased NOW Clove Oil for the specific purpose of using it for tooth or gum problems.  I had heard how this helps keep pain away until you can get to a dentist.  I felt it was important to keep in my first aid kit.

It wasn't until recently that I decided to actually open up this bottle I purchased so long ago.  It still smelled very strong yet fresh.  Years ago there wasn't the issue about ingesting oils like there is today, so my bottle doesn't say Not for Internal Use.

I actually made my own toothpaste and used the clove oil as a flavoring and a numbing solution.  I have a filling that popped out, and since my dentist is 150 miles away and I didn't know when I would be up that way, I started doing research for DIY toothpaste that I could add the clove oil to.

It's been 4 months since this happened.  I now use another toothpaste mixture to help remineralize my teeth, but I have not had extreme problems.  My dentist appointment is in a couple of weeks. Yeah.

I honestly believe I wouldn't have made it this long had I not been using the clove oil twice a day in my toothpaste.  I had sensitivity where the filling went missing but the clove oil helped reduce that a lot.

NOW Foods Essential Oils can be purchased at GNC, so I don't have to order them online.  And many times GNC has a BOGO sale which makes it nice.  Others I have personally talked to that use their oils are very happy with them as well.  They typically are more cost effective as well.

My DIY Toothpaste Recipe I used first is below:

2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons baking soda
Clove Oil to taste (I used about 4-6 drops at first then added a few more later.)

Blend to a paste.  May add a little sunflower oil to make more creamy.

Pros:  Great inexpensive company to work with.  Like being able to purchase it from a store, and not always having to order online.  Clove Oil really works well to help with gum and teeth issues.

Cons:  None.

My Rating:  Thumbs UP!!!

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