Edens Garden Essential Oils Neroli and Ylang Ylang

Details:  Edens Garden offers 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  There are no peticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, gmos, harmful chemicals or natural fertilizers ever used during any stage of the growing or distillation process.  Edens Garden Oils come from plants grown in their indigenous locations (where they grow naturally).  Their trusted suppliers strictly follow all USDA food/product safety guidelines.  They never add any bases, carriers or additives to their essential oils.

They to GC (gas chromatography) tests on each of their oils and MSDS and Certificates of Analysis are available upon request.  This provies the breakdown of the naturally occurring components found in any given oil.

My Review: Being very new to essential oils, I've been introduced to several companies recently. There are many great companies out there.  I've actually tried and purchased essential oils from many of them and have been quite impressed.

I recently purchased two oils from Edens Garden, Neroli and Ylang Ylang.  My order arrived very quickly.  It was less than 1 week.  Since this was going from coast to coast, I thought that was impressive.  Shipping and handling charges were less than many other companies I was looking into. Not only that, but the prices of their oils are very reasonably priced.  Basically no MLM, and no middle man so costs are down.

Neroli:  Have you heard of Eau-de-Cologne?  Well it is traditionally made from Neroli Essential Oil. It is made from the bitter orange tree comprising a sweet yet spicey aroma.  Not recommended to take internally.

Neoli promotes cell growth and increases circulation.  It can help prevent scarring and stretch marks.  It is effective in treating skin conditions linked to emotional stress.  Neroli helps to eliminate acne and blemished skin by regulating oiliness and shrinking pores.  With regular use, Neroli will reduce the appearance of fragile or broken capillaries and varicose veins.  When inhaled, it is known to relieve anxiety, stress and depression, reduce high blood pressure and stimulate an underactive libido. It is an aphrodisiac.

Now that I know Neroli helps with varicose veins I'm going to try that and will report back.

Ylang Ylang:  Is made from the flowers of the tree.  Is used to uplift the mood and promote overall health.  It is used to treat high blood pressure, nervous conditions, anxiety and impotence.  It is a powerful aphrodisiac.  It has antidepressant, anti-infectious, antiseptic, euphoric and stimulant properties. It contains stress reducing properties.

Personally, I think Neroli is very strong smelling. Ylang Ylang is more pleasant. I place a few drops of each on separate cotton balls, and place at the head of my bed. They help me relax and sleep well throughout the night. Often times my legs are very restless. When I take in a few deep breaths of each oil, my legs calm down. When I'm stressed out, it's nice to just sit for a few minutes and smell these two oils. I feel much better afterwards. 
Pros: No complaints about the company nor their products. Both Neroli and Ylang Ylang help me feel less stressed and help me sleep through the night.

Cons:  Haven't noticed any improvement with libido.

My Rating:  Thumbs UP!!!

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