Great AntiOxidents in Tart Cherry Juice

Details:  Elite Gold's Sleepytime Organic Tart Cherry Juice is Natures Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Juice.  It is 100% Pure Organic.  It is the best natural melatonin source for improved sleep.  It blocks bad enzymes and aids in pain relief, less swelling and faster muscle strength recover.  Helps fight heart disease. Neutralizes harmful oxidants in the body.  There is no sugar, is fat free, BPA free and gluten free.  Add to yogurts, ice cream, smoothies, etc.  Perfect for athletes and anyone else needing help sleeping at night, or desiring a more natural pain relief.  This product is 100% Guaranteed.  Order yours from Amazon.

Review:  Sleepytime Organic Tart Cherry Juice sounded like the perfect ingredient I needed for pain relief, and aiding my during those nights I can't sleep.  I've heard great news and comments about the powerful effects of using tart cherry juice and was anxious to give it a try myself.

The first day we had this, my husband benefited from it.  He has had an ongoing, but light cough, every night just as he lies down for bed.  Probably from the high hot humidity outside, and the cool a/c inside.  He got up and tried 2 tablespoons, which is the equivalent of 80 cherries.  He said it tasted great, and he didn't cough the rest of the night.  Not only that, but he went to sleep almost immediately.  His cough didn't return for a couple of nights.

A few days later, I had worked out in my yard, was sore and stiff and had a hard time sleeping that night.  I decided to take the cherry juice.  Unfortunately, it did not work for me, like it did for my husband.  I didn't get any pain relief, and I was up the entire night.  I was really wired.  I felt this was a direct result from the cherry juice. I'll just stick to using this during the day, and not any where near bed time.

Later on, my husband again tried the cherry juice at night for his cough that had returned, but also for slight pain relief.  He benefited again, and slept very well all night long.  Not wanting to give up on the cherry juice all together, I tried again, one more night.  Again, I was awake all night long.

The labeling does say that using this as a sleep aid, you may want to take it 2-3 hours prior to bedtime.  For any other benefits, you may take the tart cherry juice any time during the day.

The flavor is truly a wonderful tart cherry flavor.

Pros: Worked great for my husband to rid him of his night time cough, help with minor pains, and help him sleep.  Taste is delicious.

Cons: Did not work for me.  Kept me awake all night long when I used it.

NOTE:  Found out the hard way, that any time I take any kind of melatonin, natural or otherwise, it makes me wired. So I no longer use it to try and help me sleep.  The tart cherry juice by Elite Golds does work wonders for easing my back pain I get from working out in the yard.

My Rating: Thumbs Up and Down!

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