Wind Chime Point

Details: Wind Chime Point by Sherryl Woods.  An Ocean Breeze novel.  New York Times bestselling author.  "When life gets complicated, Woods, proves family and love can make all the difference."
Story is about a Southern born and raised career woman who finds herself in a pickle, out of a job, pregnant, and looking for a plan.  As she searched for her plan for her life now, she retreats to the loving open arms of her family who live on the North Carolina coast.  As she begins a new life, the last thing she wants is a man, and to love again.  So when Wade Johnson fell for Gabi he's finding that his knight in shining armor isn't what she needs or wants.  Can he get her to stay on the coast, and be in his life long enough for love to blossom? With the help of wind chimes, and a summer breeze, it just might happen.

My Review:  I bought this book while traveling with my husband for work.  While the kids and I and their Uncle were sight seeing, during the time my hubby was working, I found the need to have something in my hands to read as my kids constantly had my kindle, and phone, leaving me bored.  So to keep myself busy, while driving from NC-PA-OH-NY, I found this wonderful book.  Now, I am from North Carolina and very biased on its beautiful shores and coast.  So naturally I'm intrigued with a book about my now home.  Let me just say, NC coast isn't in the same class of beach as Florida or Gulf beaches, but to each their own, because I'm a beach person and will take anything over nothing.  I plan on having a beach house at some point in my life, so reading about a family business and a family who lives in a touristy NC beach, man that would be the best life ever in my mind.  Having family close enough to get to know cousins, Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents, Grandchildren, yes doesn't that sound like Heaven?

This book has it all.  I love Wood's writing style, her characters, the plot, and the background setting of course.  This is a dysfunctional family who finds that family and love is the only constant and the only thing that really matters.  I love reading stories about sisters, because their relationships are so foreign to me as an only girl in a family of boys.  But they don't seem any different than brother relationships.

Pros: great book to read, even though this is a middle book in a series the way it was written you wouldn't have even known.

Cons: when I bought it I didn't know there was a series and this isn't the first.

My Rating Thumbs up!

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