Book Review: Renaissance Man

Details: The third and final book in the series of Blaze of Glory.  Will Tea and Jaden be able to stay together despite family issues?  Can a brother and sister learn to lead different lives, despite being so close as twins?  What will happen with Hades the horse from Hell who has an amazing connection with Tea?

Disclaimer: I received a this book as a free gift in exchange for an honest, non biased review.  I only recommend products that I have personally tested, tried, and reviewed and deemed good.

My Review:  First off, I want to say thank you very much to M Garzen, for allowing me to review each book in this series.  Its been an honor on my behalf.  I love this series!  The author really knows how to captivate readers with each of these books.  Once again, there were many surprises that I didn't expect, but which enhanced and enriched the book.  I found that in this book the characters and their lives were very real, their issues, their love, their trials, and everything.  There were times when I was ready to just give up because I couldn't stand Tea's stupidity, and lack of caring for her family and for Jaden.  But pushing through my issues with her, and Dec I was able to finish this book, and enjoy it when everything was said and done.  What a great book, of uplifting family, hard work, trials and faith (without any religion).  This is a great series for anyone who loves teen love, horses, and realistic family book series.  I recommend this young adult book for teens, on this chargrin, I don't approve of nor does any of Mom's Thumb, and Mom's Thumb Reviews team approve of sexual behavior outside of marriage.  So despite these books being amazing, I don't like all the sexual and intimacy between Tea and Jaden since they're not married.  You can buy the whole series on amazon.

Pros: amazing talent, great plot, great characterization

Cons: sexual behavior between unmarried (youth/college students)

My Rating: Thumbs Up

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