Great Kids Book to Dispel Bedtime Fears

Details:  Monster's Guide to Bedtime, by Henry and Aldyth's Son, is a children's book which relays the author's own fear of the dark, at bedtime when he was younger.  He discovered there are certain rules about monsters that will make bedtime less fearful.  Once these rules are mastered one will be able to sleep knowing how to handle such monsters, bears and tigers.  Adults will enjoy his humor.  The kids will like the twist at the end.

My Book Review:  Monster's Guide to Bedtime has a great introduction to why this book was written.  It then begins with terms that are necessary to understand.  Some are quite funny.  From there, the book goes into the Rules of the various monsters.  Tigers have certain rules they have to obey.  Did you know that?  For instance, Tigers can only live under your bed.  Bears have a different set of rules they need to abide by. Bears only have power in the dark.  Once the lights are turned on, the bears disappear.  And of course, there are random monsters which also have to obey specific rules at night.  Not only that, but random monsters like anything that is your favorite.  Don't worry though.  All rules are spelled right out, and there will be no confusion afterwards.  You just might want to read and re-read this book several times to make sure you don't forget the rules.
A Random Monster hiding under a chair

Help dispel the fears your child may have about Bedtime Monsters and get your copy of the Monster's Guide to Bedtime for your child.  This book will make a wonderful Christmas gift.

Pros:  This book shed much light on how to deal with various monsters, tigers and bears at night.  Wish this book was around when my kids were little.  Hopefully my grandkids will like this book as much as I did.
Especially loved the ending.

My Rating:  A Big Thumbs UP!!!

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