Cool & Fast Teeth Whitening System

Details:  Luster Premium White is a treatment plan designed to whiten and brighten your teeth at home in 12 treatments.  You can do up to 3 treatments a day.  They system contains a liquid mouth rinse to prepare your teeth for the whitening gel.  Rinse for 10 seconds, apply gel and let sit on teeth for 10 minutes.  In 4 days you're showing off that great white smile.

Review:  My husband has had his teeth stained from gel fluoride.  He's tried several DIY treatments as well as dental treatments to remove the stains from his teeth.  Nothing worked.  He got to where he didn't smile a lot.  I like his smile and we needed to get it back.

Bzzagent gave me an opportunity to try Luster Premium White tooth whitening system for free.  It really worked fast.  My husband did between 1 and 2 treatments a day, and within 10 days or less (he got more than the 12 treatments that the box claimed it contained) he had a brighter smile.  Now it's not perfect, but he's begging me to go buy another box so he can continue to whiten his teeth.  I've seen this at Walgreens and it is fairly reasonably priced at under $10 a box.

The biggest thing I liked about it when I tried it, is that there was no tooth sensitivity that normally comes from a DIY at home whitening treatment.  For once, here is a product that really does what it says it will do.  We're sold.

Here are the beginning, middle and end pictures during the treatment.

Pros:  Luster Premium White really works.  No teeth sensitivity.  Great Price.  Works fast.  Love it.

Cons:  It ran out before we were ready.

My Rating:  Thumbs UP!!!

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  1. Update: This exact product is no longer in the local pharmacy stores. They have bundled this with their whitening light. And after my husband ran out of the pre-mouthwash and no longer did further treatments, his teeth are still as bright after he stopped.