Arch Support Sandals

Details:  Okabashi ~ More than a Shoe.  Okabashi is a family run business that make their shoes in the US.  They offer superior arch support, they have a massaging insole, they are anti-microbial, and anti-slip.  You can even wash them in the dishwasher.  They carry men's and women's flip flops, sandals and clog style shoes.

Review:  I was super excited to get my new pair of Okabashi's.  I've been wanting some all summer long, but something always got in my way of getting them.

Arch Support Sandals

I have an extremely high arch, and that was the first thing that attracted me to Okabashi.  I hate to wear shoes, so if I must, it might as well be comfortable ones.  There's lots of water where I live.  Pools,  Ponds, Lakes, Rivers, Oceans, and lots of Rain.  The anti-slip was a great feature.  I was able to experience that first hand today.  We had a down pour, and not once did I slip on any wet floors while shopping.
With all the moisture around, I also don't need any microbes growing on my shoes either.

I really like my new pair of sandals, and since they are sold in stores like Walgreens and WalMart, I'm looking to get a couple more pair before they all disappear for the winter.

These shoes come in a variety of styles, colors, and categories.  Each have a 2 year guarantee.  They have Arthritis shoes, diabetic shoes, flexible shoes, shower shoes, recyclable shoes, and vegan shoes.

Pros:  These are a very comfortable sandal. I enjoyed wearing these all day when I was shopping, especially while it was raining, and I didn't slip and slide all over the stores.
Arch Support Sandals
Cons:  I chose the Indigo style, and my foot doesn't quite fit in the shoe properly.  The shoe kind of sits sideways on my foot.  I believe it's just my foot, but not sure.  The sizing isn't quite like a normal shoe size, and I'm actually inbetween sizes.  That could also account for the way my foot fits in the sandal.

My Rating:  Thumbs Up.
Arch Support Sandals

Disclaimer:  This product was given to me to facilitate a review.  I received absolutely no monetary compensation and the opinions are all my own.  I provide my honest opinion whether good or bad for each product I review.  Your opinion may differ from mine.

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