Veet Easy Wax

Details: Veet easy wax Electrical roll on kit.  Welcome Salon quality silky smooth results at a fraction of the price. Simple and easy to use. Keeps wax at the right temperature. Ensures clean and even application. Self heating device plus one wax refill included.  Kit includes: 1 Electrical one with base, 1 refill legs and body roll on, 24 re hair removal strips, for perfect finish wipes. The box comes with a QR code to be scanned to view a video demonstration.

My Review: The first time I tried out the meat easy wax roll on Kid I tried on my legs after a week of not shaving. My lower legs were one week of not being saved my feelings was about a month and a half of not being shaved so I had two different hair links that I was able to test this product on.  I let the wax heat up for half an hour, just as instructions said. I thought everything was going well but everytime I try to use the wax it just would not work, no hair was getting pulled off and I just didn't see this project working very well.
So I was getting ready to give this product of thumbs down and I had taken the pictures and everything. But I decided I would give it a second chance. After little bit of research from other people who have reviewed this product and found out that the wax actually needs to be heated closer to 45 minutes not 30 minutes and possibly heated as long as an hour before your use.  So that's what I decided I would try.

So the first time using Veet Easy Wax, it was anything but easy.  The wax didn't work, it was very time consuming, and ended being a total waste of time because I couldn't get it to work.  But the second time I tried which was about 5 days later.  It worked.  I let the wax heat for an hour and a half, so it was perfect!  I used longer strips instead of shorter strips like the first time.  And it worked!  I personally still don't like this waxing because: it hurts when my hair is torn out, when I waxed it didn't take all the hair off, so after spending 30-45 minutes waxing my legs I had to go back later and shave to get smooth legs.  I'm a shaver, I've decided, not a waxer.  But if you are a waxer this is a great tool to use!  To see more about this product I have a few youtube video clips for you.  

Pros: if you are a waxer it works

Cons: if you aren't a waxer, don't like getting your hair pulled off don't use it, because it hurts, 

My Rating 

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Influenster

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