Les Miserables

Details: This movie is set in the era of the French revolution. A prisoner  named Jean Valjean, to the French parole officer Javert, runs away after showing great strength when saving a crew member from being crushed by a huge ship mast.  Making a new name for himself, he casts young Fantine out of his workhouse for fighting to keep her dignity.  He later finds out her well kept secret, and vows to keep that secret safe, and with him until he dies himself.  Cast: Russell Crow, Huge Jackman, Anne Hathaway.  Musical with an interesting plot. 
My Review: In my opinion the actual plot wasn't that good.  There are so many different stories that are intertwined but there's no real start, middle, and end with closure to the story.  However the vocal talents of all 3 main characters are surprisingly amazing.  The secondary main character vocal talents are also amazing. I would recommend seeing this just to see Huge and Russell sing.  Documenting how the livelihood of many of the beggars  prisoners  poor, and lower class lived during this time in the France's history was very neat to see.

Pros: The music was excellent, the costumes were great (especially the Grand Duke and his Lady friend at the end of the movie), the vocal talent was the hit of the movie

Cons: plot wasn't very good

                                                                                          My Rating 

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