Hym and Hur by Phillip Frey

Details: Hym and Hur are not of this world.  They are immortal
and have special powers only humans dream of.  Hym loves pranks, and Hur loves doing good deeds.  But they both love creating happiness in others, for others.  When this amazing couple combines their prankster practices, and their good deed practices trouble usually is right around the corner.  And in this short story trouble starts with D, as in Death, the trickster of all tricksters.  Can Hym and Hur cancel all the bad that Death wants them to do, without hurting more people?  Genre: fantasy, and comedy.

My Review:  This is a great little short story.  Hym and Hur are really cute.  Death is well, just as anyone would expect Death to be.  I love how sensitive, almost naive and innocent Hur is.  Hym is more of a mystery than I would like him to be, but we do learn how much Hur means to him.  Even though, what I read was really good, I almost feel like there needs to be at least 2 more chapters.  I was surprised when the book ended, and where it ended.  I felt like the plot wasn't completed.  Closure wasn't even there.  If there was another chapter at the beginning of the book, and another chapter either in the middle or towards the end, then this would be a much better book.  I really wanted to see more trouble from Death in that the main male character would be doing more than what he did.  ( I don't want to spoil the book, so this sounds vague.)  Seeing Hym and Hur working more together on getting the main characters (both the man and woman) to work together, or perhaps doing something else, that is where I was left without closure.  The woman didn't do anything to express her love or admiration for the man, but he gave everything to her.  I know that many relationships are like that in real life, but I felt like there needed to be something more in this story, because of how Hym and Hur are, and how they work.

Pros: great writing skills, the plot is cool, I really like the details that we are given about the characters.

Cons: I'm left without closure and many questions.  I felt like there needed to be a bit more written before the story ended.

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My Rating: thumbs up for great writing, thumbs down for lack of closure

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