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Details: ABCMouse.com is an Early Learning Academy for children ages Toddler-Kindergarten.  A full interactive program to help children learn to the school subjects: Math, Science, Reading, Art, Music, Writing, Geography, Language Arts.  Each subject is taught in 6 different levels starting at Toddler age, with a high dependency for adult help, all the way up to Kindergarten.  Adults get to choose and set up how they want their children to use these tools, how long their children use these tools, and what level they start at and work towards.  Cost is $8-$9 a month, along with the option to pay for a whole year in advance.  Also can find deals for a free 30-90 days, or discounted yearly payments.

My Review: My 6 year old was watching TV one day during vacation and saw a commercial for
ABCMouse.com, he immediately started to beg for us to allow him to play these games.  When we finally signed up we were surprised by how much there is for children to do.  They have thousands of games, puzzles, songs, art projects, lessons and such to choose from individually by clicking on the Classroom setting.  Or they can click on the Step By Step journey that allows children to get all those lessons but by traveling around the world: beach, desert, mountains, Volcano etc.  They have to keep a fish aquarium and a hamster cage clean, fed, watered etc.  They have an "avatar" they can dress up, change all kinds of personal grooming aspects of the avatar, which also helps teach important life skills.  My favorite part of all these wonderful options, games, and interactions, is that my 3 year old now feels like he is doing home work/ school work/ school time just like his older brother.  He can even do all his own lessons by him self, because the level that he is on is so easy for him to use.  He still has challenges with the lessons, but using everything is super easy.

The most important part of this program is that whatever computer the child is going to play on, they need a mouse.  The lap top key pad just doesn't cut it.  My older son uses a wireless mouse, and my younger son uses a USB wired mouse.  The second most important part of this program is that the children are rewarded with online tickets, and prizes that they can cash in to get more fish, or better fish for the classroom aquarium, or more and better hamster stuff.  They can get better clothes for their avatar, and all kinds of other ways to cash in their awards.  This also allows me as the parent to go in and track their progress, and see what they did well on, and what they need more help on.

Pros: great price, great program, easy for children to use, love the challenges and learning tools

Cons: only goes up to Kindergarten.  I personally would love to see this go up to 2nd or 3rd grade for parents who want extra educational help for their children during school breaks, or just to help reiterate what is being taught in school.

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