ABC Sound Bingo

Details: Do-Re-Me&You produced ABC Sound Bingo: http://www.drmy.com
Phonics fun with letters, sounds and pictures.  Learn all 21 consonants.  12 double sided bingo cards (one side is pictures, one side is letters), 120 chips, and a CD with 24 letter sounds and words.  2 picture options for every letter available throughout the 12 bingo cards.

Information:  I checked this educational tool out from Orem Public Library's PERC center for 1 week.  As I played it with my kids, I had a very strong memory of playing something like this when I was really young.  I remember listening to a cassette tape with sounds or animals and letters and trying to find those on a Bingo card.  Growing up my siblings and I loved playing that game.  So its been very fun to find this game to play with my own children.  I love the old school toys that are refurbished and still around for my own children to play with.  I highly suggest this as a family game, its fun, easy, and very educational!  My 2 year old was a little bored but with help from Mommy he was able to still listen and look for letters and pictures that start with specific letters/sounds.  My 4 year old loved it!

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