Easy Check Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor #WristBPM_EBP017

Ever wonder what your blood pressure is, but don't want to go to the local pharmacy or doctor's office to find out.  This easy check wrist blood pressure monitor by easy@Home, is just what you need.  It fits nicely around your wrist, and with the push of a button, your blood pressure check begins.  It is even FDA approved for over-the-counter use.

This monitor measures not only your blood pressure, but your pulse rate, and indicates if you have an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia).  It will store up to 60 readings.

There are 5 levels down the left side of the monitor, which an arrow will point at, once you take your measurement.  The bottom 3 represent healthy readings, and the top 2 represent unhealthy readings. If you have an irregular heartbeat, the monitor will display a multiple heart symbol.


The key factor with this is to make sure you place the cuff  on your left wrist, and your wrist at the level of your heart.  Push the button and you're good to go.  It's quick, and it's comfortable.  Yes, there is a tightening feeling as the monitor cuff prepares to take your blood pressure, but it isn't anything like those at the pharmacies, nor like at the doctor's office, in my opinion.


The easy@Home Blood Pressure Monitor is fast and easy to set up.  Runs on 2 AAA batteries, which are included.  Works quickly and is very accurate.  (I know, I tested it against another monitor I know is extremely accurate.)  Comes with a handy storage case.

When I took my bp this morning, I was surprised to see it was higher than normal.  I exercised and retook my bp, and it was even higher.  That normally doesn't happen.  This caused me to stop and reflect on my stress levels, and realized that some things had taken place earlier in the day, that really upset me.  Now I can see first hand, just how stress reacts on my body.  It's not good.


There are many ways to naturally bring down your blood pressure.  Exercising is usually a great way to do so.  Just don't stress out doing so.  Reduce stress.  Eat bananas.  Cut out the salt.  Lose weight. Don't smoke.  Don't drink alcohol.  Cut back on caffeine.  Eat a healthy diet.  Be grateful.

For an easy and fast way to monitor your blood pressure results, be sure to look into getting your own easy@Home blood pressure monitor.

Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Beat / Pulse Meter Function - FDA Approved For OTC Use BP Monitor with Carry Case and Battery, Backlit Large Display, EBP-017

Even though I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion, I highly recommend the easy@Home blood pressure monitor.

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