30 Day Skin Brushing Challenge

My New 30 Day Challenge ~ Skin Brushing!
First of all, I have inherited my mom's spider veins that collect in my ankles, and I also have poor circulation in my feet and hands. I am considered underweight by doctors, but personally feel like I would be more comfortable if I could lose 10-15 pounds. This would really put me underweight on the medical charts. However, I feel this may help with my circulation and vein issues.
About 4-5 years ago, I started a regular routine of brushing my skin morning and night. I purchased a natural bristle brush with a long handle. I start brushing my feet and move upwards towards my heart, continuously brushing in a circular fashion. It used to take me about 5 minutes to brush my entire body. This may not be long enough for some, but it was sufficient for me. 
                                                        Natural Bristle Brush
                                                       Natural Bristle Brush
                                                        Body Brushing
                                                              Body Brushing
The first thing I noticed right off, and it took about 3 days, was that the circulation in my feet started to improve. After I had been doing this for about 30 days, I no longer had the extremely dry skin I was prone to. I no longer had circulation problems with my feet or hands. My veins were less noticeable, and I liked how alive my skin felt...not dull, not dead like. Don't know how else to explain it.
From that point on, it's been one thing after another, and obviously I let this quick 5 minute routine twice daily slip by me. Now, years later, I realize I need to make this a priority again.
In the meantime, I am increasing my intake of Vit. E to 800 I.U. daily. I also take 2500 mg of Vit. C, I take 1 Bilberry capsule, all to help improve the veins. Without going online I have yet to purchase Horse Chestnut or GrapeSeed Capsules. These also give vein support. I'm seriously considering compression socks as well.  Other supplements I found were very useful are Ginko Biloba, Stinging Nettle, and Ashwagandha.
My brother also has poor circulation in his legs due to back issues. I mentioned the brushing to him. He said it did help.
Another benefit for some is that by brushing, you are stimulating your lymph glands. By doing so, you help eliminate cellulite. It opens up your pores and can therefore more efficiently eliminate toxins built up in your system.
                                               Skin Brushing
                                                       Skin Brushing
It's best to shower after brushing to wash away all those dead skin cells. When I'm in a really hurry, I just do a wipe down with a wet wash cloth. One other important factor, DO NOT SKIN BRUSH AFTER SHAVING. That will wreak havoc on your skin. If your skin is red, you are applying too much pressure. A nice gentle circular motion is all that is needed.  Another thing is to rub an infusion of lemon essential oil with fractionated coconut oil after brushing.  You don't need very much, and this makes body feel smooth and soft.
The 30 Day re-challenge of brushing my skin is almost to an end.  How did I do this time??? Great. What benefits did I notice?  The biggest one is that the cellulite is vanishing.  Slowly, but still disappearing none the less.  That's scary stuff.  Never experienced it before, so trying real hard to get rid of it forever.  Another benefit that I noticed is that my skin is smoother.  Even my husband commented on how soft and smooth it feels.  He likes that.  I was hoping for better circulation in my feet.  I had experienced that the very first time I started brushing.  Not going to give up however, just because 30 days are almost finished.  Going to keep this one going.

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