Decadent 3 Ingredient No Churn Ice Cream

My husband and I LOVE ice cream!  We used to eat it several times a week.  But when the weight started to creep up, we held back and saved it for just the weekends.  Now it's more like every other weekend as we are still working at dropping pounds and inches.

However, my husband found this recipe, and we only needed to buy one ingredient.  So off to the store we went, and we made our Decadent 3 Ingredient No Churn Ice Cream that very night.


1 pint heavy cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 teaspoons vanilla (the better the vanilla, the better the flavor)


Mix the heavy cream with a hand mixer until soft peaks form.  Mix just a little longer till peaks are more firm.  STOP mixing, or it will turn to butter.

Fold in the sweetened condensed milk and the vanilla.

Place in a regular size loaf pan or dish that can be frozen.  Freeze at least 6 hours.

Slice or scoop. Serve. Eat. Enjoy. Repeat Till Gone!

This will provide 9 slices, and each slice will be approximately 300 calories.

I must say I was extremely impressed by the texture, the flavor, the creaminess of this ice cream.
This was impressive to say the least.  Cost wise, you'll have to decide.  It depends on what brand of ice cream you are used to purchasing to determine if it is worth it to you or not.  At the very least, it is still a home made ice cream that is absolutely fantastic.  It was a huge hit for my husband, and one we will definitely make again.

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