Aloe Vera ~ The New Botox and More

Details:  Aloe Vera is one of the panaceas of today. The Egyptians called it the plant of immortality. The whole leaf is used for a variety of health related issues and is popular in the health and beauty community today.  The leaf can be made into a juice, a gel, salves, creams, lotions, soaps, etc.

Aloe has been used for a millennia.  It's uses have been documented centuries ago in countries such as Egypt, India, Mexico, Japan, China and Greece.

Some of the most widely uses of Aloe are:
*support for healthy digestive system
*promotes healthy regularity
*supports healthy immune system
*reduces toxins in the body
*moisturizes and hydrates skin
*helps with absorption of nutrients
*provides relief to sunburns
*is a natural antiseptic
*clinically proven to bolster collagen reproduction naturally

It is very beneficial for each household to grow their own Aloe Vera plants.  They are easy to grow, spread quickly, hard to kill (unless you over water) and before long you'll have enough to harvest.

My Review:  Ever since I was first married, and that was 34 years ago this month, I've had an aloe vera plant in my home.  Currently I have 4 medium/large sized pots filled with aloe.  My husband's grandmother gave us our first one.  She grew hers on a ledge near her back door.  She was often seen picking leaves and using them for one thing or another, mostly bumps and bruises.  She said no home should be without them.  I agree.

BURNS:  When our daughter was about 18 months to 2 years old, she was burned severely.  She had gone up to an old fashioned radiator to get warm, and got too close.  She burned her arm from her wrist to her elbow.  Many were telling us to take her to a doctor immediately, but others swore by the fact that if we would just cut open aloe vera leaves and place them gel side down on her burn, leaving no part of the burn uncovered by the aloe leaves she would heal faster and more completely.  We did the latter.

Every morning and and every night we replaced the aloe leaves on her burn.  We then wrapped an ace bandage around her arm to keep them in place.  When we ran out of aloe, we ran downtown and searched every store selling plants until we found more aloe.  We bought every plant we could find, like maybe 6 of them.  We only had to go through about 2 1/2 more plants, and 3 weeks later her burn was completely gone and no scarring.  Today, at age 31 she still has no visible scarring on her arm from that burn.

I must say that the biggest convincer of all to have us go that route was a lady whose son had a serious burn on 1/3 of his body.  The doctors could not help him cure his pain, nor the burns sufficiently.  His mother begged to let her treat her son while in the burn unit with aloe vera. Needless to say all were amazed at the quick recovery her son made and with very little scarring.

(Disclaimer here: I am not a doctor.  Please consult your doctor before treating any burn with aloe vera.)

My mother came to visit us once in Texas and after spending the day at the beach she was fried despite having used sun screen.  She was so impressed at how fast the cooling aloe gel from fresh leaves felt to her sunburn.  She was even more impressed when she only needed one application.

NATURAL BOTOX:  My husband has applied aloe vera gel right from fresh leaves picked from our plants to his face nightly for years.  I should have done the same right along with him.  Wow! He looks so much younger than I do.  No wrinkles around his eyes, or mouth.  It's amazing.  I must admit, it wasn't until I recently read that aloe vera is the modern day Botox that I actually made it a part of my morning and nightly beauty routine.  Within 4 weeks I have seen a dramatic improvement.  I did notice positive changes in just 2 weeks, but the next 2 weeks was outstanding.  Believe me, I will not quit using this.

HEALTH:  My daughter and her family drink aloe vera juice daily.  They have improved their health immensely. Her mother-in-law swears by it.  I've seen how it made a positive difference in my grandchildren's health. Drinking Aloe juice benefits the body with weight loss, immune function, digestion, helps with internal healing, cleansing and repair, plus so much more.

ABRASIONS:  One of my son's is starting his own little farm of aloe vera.  He often uses its gel from the leaves to help his cut up hands from his construction job.  His hands heal almost overnight.  He also gets dry and cracked knuckles each winter, and the aloe vera gel heals those as well.

AIR FILTER:  Aloe vera plants also pull contaminants from the air.  It specifically removes formaldehyde.  I have a large aloe vera plant near my cold air return, and by far that filter collects the most dust on the filter than any other.  I truly believe it is due to the aloe vera plant doing its filtering job.

These are just a few of the many wonderful uses we have personally benefited from aloe vera.

Just know that it is very easy to grow and harvest.

Pros:  Aloe Vera is considered a "Miracle Plant".  I agree.  It has so many uses it is hard to list all in just one post.

Cons:  None!

My Rating:  A Huge Thumbs Up In My Book!!!

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