Monster's Guide To Bedtime Children's eBook

Details: Monster's Guide To Bedtime is intended as a child's bedtime story but adults may find its humor entertaining as well. Sometimes at night in the dark, it can be very scary. There are things that many of us are scared of such as monsters, bears, or tigers. If you know the rules about monsters, it may make bedtime less fearful. This book discusses the various monsters and how to interact with them. Dark and light play important roles in chasing scary monsters away. If I had known these rules when I was younger perhaps my fear of the dark and the creatures that hide in it, would have gone away.

Review:  This is a darling bedtime story book for kids.  However, I believe many adults will be able to relate.

Tigers, Bears and regular monsters often times frighten young ones when it's bedtime.  Did you know that they each have rules they have to follow?  "Tigers can only live under your bed...Typically, tigers don't reach up over the bottom or top edge of the bed....Tigers can only be seen at night when it is dark.  They disappear whenever the lights are turned on."  "Bears live in  your closet, not under your bed...Bears cannot leave the closet.  They can only reach with their long hairy arms to grab you as you walk, run, or fly by the closet....The head and body of the bears must stay inside the closet.  You will not see the face of the bear unless you look inside the closet in the dark...Turning the lights on will make bears disappear."  "A random monster can be hairy or not.  They are as scary as you want them to be...They can be friendly and helpful too, but that takes a really big imagination."

Dealing with monsters requires masking tape and marking a border around your bed, keeping a flashlight close by, being quiet, and having food.  Did you know that, "Food can be a good distraction for random monsters, tigers, and bears. Mints are a good tiger food. Gingerbread cookies are a good distraction for random monsters.  Bears like chocolate candy bars." ..."Do you like candy bars, mints, or gingerbread cookies?"

After reading this book, kids will be ready to take on those monsters at bedtime.

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Pros:  Very cute childrens book that is fun for all ages.

Cons:  None.

My Rating:  A Big Thumbs UP!!!
Disclaimer:  I received this gift from the manufacturer for posting this review.  I was not required nor compelled to write a positive review.  The opinions I have expressed are my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR, Part 255.

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