Pumpkin Seed Chips

Details: Mother's Farms Pumpkin Seed Tortilla Chips.  100% certified Gluten Free, whole grain.  No cholesterol, low sodium.  6 servings per bag  with one serving being about 9 chips.

My Review:  My Mother-In-Law bought these for me to try, knowing I love tortilla chips, and I love pumpkin.  These are super yummy!  Great with dip, but they are very fragile chips and don't make good dipping chips because they break so easily.  So I recommend using a spoon to put dip on these chips, no dunking allowed!  You can smell the pumpkin, and a pumpkin spice like cinnamon or nut meg, but neither are in the ingredients.  I'm totally in love with these chips, I can see myself buying a lot of these this fall for a side to pumpkin soups, squash soups, as a side for those yummy fun pot luck holiday dinners.

see the pumpkin seed in the chip?


Cons: break easily, not a good dunking/ dipping chip

                                                                               My Rating 

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