Hallows Haven book review

Details: Hallows Haven is a book of Magick.  Gwen is a teenager, who loves her friends and loves her life.  Raised by her Grandparents she's experienced more than her fair share of death, in her life.  Her Mother and Grandfather have both passed on, leaving her with her over protective Grandmother.  But as much as her life is great during the day, night time is a completely different story.  Gwen has nightmares, but its not really multiple nightmares, as its actually the same nightmare repeating itself.  There is nothing wrong with nightmares, until you wake up with dirt and hair in your hands that came from your nightmare.  What is going on with Gwen?  Who can she talk to?  What will she say?  She can't feel more like a freak until her Grandmother rescues her from a day-mare at school.  What doesn't Gwen know about herself and her family?

My Review: OMG!  I love this book, its like a female version of Harry Potter, but almost better.  The way the author paints her details, and background information of her characters, cities, and her plot captures you, reels you in, and only tosses you back into reality when the book ends.  Get your favorite cup of drink, snack, and snugglie, and get ready for the long spell because you are going to be bewitched into a trance until you finish this book.  I MUST read the rest of this series as they come out.  I am so hooked to this!  It is amazingly well done.  You must watch the video clip, because that's really the hook to this fishing match.  And it is a very tasty bait that you will want to get.

Pros: amazing!

Cons: when does the next book come out?  The ending is driving me up the wall, I need to know what happens next.

Disclaimer: I recieved a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review.  I only recommend products that I have personally tested or read, and I only recommend products that get a thumbs up.

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