The Croods

Details:  A cave man's family has rules to keep them from dying.  A cave man's family sticks together.  A cave man's family works together to hunt, and gather, and eat, and fight, they never ever look for something new.  New is Bad.  New will kill you.  Or so says the cave man.  So when new comes to them, the Croods of the cave have to decide to adapt or be left behind in the dark.  New destroyed their cave, and now the Croods must move on.  Eep embraces New with her whole heart, making a new friend, Guy and his Belt, where as her father Grug fights to keep his family safe in these new areas of the land that is before them.  With a great cast of characters: Emma Stone, Nicholas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, and Catherine Keener. 2013 hit animated movie of the Spring.

My Review:  Croods is the epic portrayal of the modern family through all of the below suggestions.
 Issues trusting, issues listening and allowing children to grow up, issues adapting to newer technology, newer ideas, etc.  Children struggling to discover their purpose in life, to discover who they are, what they want out of life etc.  Separation, broken families, orphaned children, trust issues of other people.  Married men living up to the wife's, In-Law's, children's expectations.  Fathers and husbands giving their all to provide, protect, and preside for their families.  Families accepting of the guys or girls that love their older children, accepting of the newer members of the family whole heartedly, accepting that the love of their child's life is different, has fresh new ideas, and the older child will and does embrace NEW with open minds and hearts.  Older children breaking traditions because they see and feel caged up and want to discover life, not just live so they don't die.

When our family saw this movie, the children loved the funny moments of fire burning Thunk, and Grug being "fresh", or when Guy gave Eep and Ugga dumped Sandy on Gran because she kept trying to eat Thunk and Guy and Belt.  I saw all the family issues every family in today's society struggles with.  This is a movie that will make you think, question, laugh, wonder, question, think, and laugh some more.  Its a great movie, well done.  I love the art work Grug is so good at creating!  Families will enjoy this movie very much.

Pros: great for families

Cons: none

Disclaimer: not everyone with share my opinion, I know that and understand that.  This is purely my own opinion, non biased, and honest.

                                                                                     My Rating: high 5

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