Nutra-Lift Grape Seed face polish

 Details: Ultra-nutrient gently, stimulating, moisturizing grape seed foaming face polish.  With the intense anti-oxidant power of the renown Muscasdine Grape seeds and skins in organic honey base.  4 oz bottle.  6 step directions.
Apply to wet face and gently scrub for thorough cleansing.  After scrubbing leave on face a few minutes for deep cleansing and the absorption of nutrients into inner skin.  Avoid eye and sensitive skin areas.  For best results use 2-3 times a week.  Spot test if you have sensitive skin.

My Review: This is the first ever face polish, face scrub, facial exfoliatants that has actually done what I wanted it to do.  My pores were cleaned, and deep cleaned each time I used this face polish.  I loved the scent, the way it feels on my face.  As you let is sit on your face it hardens into a face masque.  I have reviewed many different types of cosmetic products, but this is the first one I have really fell in love with.  It makes me feel pampered, its a spa day every time I use this Grape Seed foaming polish.

Pros: works great, smells great, I totally love it

Cons: it is $22 a bottle, but this stuff lasts a long time, so it is worth the price to those who can afford this

                                                   My Rating 

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