Neutrogena hand cream

Details: Norwegian formula of hand cream from Neutrogena, just a dab to heal dry, cracked, bleeding skin.  2 oz tube, and 0.5 oz tube sizes.  Original and Fragrance free scents.  This provides highly effective relief for even the most uncomfortably dry, cracked hands.  The Norwegian formula is so concentrated only a small amount is needed to relieve that dry painful feeling in your hands and skin.

My Review:  As a BzzAgent I got 10 free samples of this hand cream: 1 2oz tube, and 9 0.5 oz tubes to pass out to family and friends. This hand cream isn't a cream, but more of an ointment because its a little oily at first until it soaks into your skin.  A little really does go a long ways when using this.  I don't like the original scent at all.  So I prefer the fragrance free hand cream.  I have extra dry skin all the time.  But during the winter my hands get pretty bad.  Super dry, flaking and peeling, really bad cuticles, because of cold water and hard water.  This is perfect for my skin!  It lasts most of the day too.  I usually just put some on in the morning and then again at night.

Nail Tips:  When your hands are dry, it affects your nails as well.  Neutrogena's hand cream is a great tool to use to get and keep beautiful healthy strong nails all the time.  Take a tiny dab and rub it into each finger nail, all of your cuticles with your fingers.  When rubbing your finger nails start at your cuticle and rub down to the tip of your nail, the way your nails grow, to help bring all the nutrients and moisture through the whole nail.  Do this 2-3 times a day for excellent progress and results.  You can also do this to your toes, feet, and toe nails to get great looking feet all year long.

Pros: easy to find in stores, good price, works excellent

Cons: don't like the scented formulas

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  1. This sounds like a great product for my construction worker son. He sounds a lot like you in having severely dry and cracked skin. Sometimes his hands bleed. We've been trying all kinds of things to help his hands. Will definitely need to look into this product for him. Thanks for sharing your comments on this.