Kid Kraft Bucket Top Train Set

  Details: A wooden train set, and wooden train.  Comes in a plastic bucket that holds all 61 pieces.  The mountain top of the bucket is part of the train set the trains can be pushed up and down.  This only comes with a 3 piece train.  This comes with a 8 piece airport with a plane, helicopter, tower and landing pad and runway.  There is a fire house with a truck and people, and a police department with people and a car that can ride on the train track.  There are lots of trees and signs.

Information: I bought this from Amazon.com for Christmas for my boys.  They love this!  The trees are more realistic than the other train set they have.  This came with no broken pieces or anything wrong with it.  I have posted a review on both Amazon, and Ebay.com.  This is super easy to put together for 5 year olds, but not very easy for 2 year olds.  My kids love to play with the train, the airplane and the helicopter all together.  Even though there is only three train cars in this set, the fire truck, police car, and air plane fit on the track. Which is really nice when more children are playing with this toy.  Train lovers and especially boys love this product!  There is only one thing that I will complain about: the magnets on the trains aren't very strong and barely keep the train cars together.  

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