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Details: eSalon is an online hair salon that gives you custom made hair dye delivered straight to your door.  Their hair color is created in their lab, to specifics that you give them through an interactive survey.  When you receive your hair dye, you get personalized instructions, and a wonderful kit!  eSalon uses professional grade hair products found at high-end salons, giving you shiny, brilliant color for both their demi-permanent and permanent dyes.
         Their step by step interactive survey consists of about 13 questions such as: natural hair color, percentage of gray hair now, eye color, hair dye history, hair length, how long you want to go before having to dye again.  When you get to choose your colors, some aren't available because they already know by what you has said that they won't work with your hair type, current color etc.  This is very important to follow.  Single orders of hair dye are $25, while monthly treatments are $20.

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My Review:  This was a great experience.  I am 29 years old, and have only had high lights once in my life time, I used to have perms when I was a kid, but I've never dyed my whole hair before.  It was a little scary at first, and in fact my husband will tell you that I was freaking out up to the point that my was actually getting my hair dyed, because the woman who helped me kept me talking the whole time so I wasn't nervous.  Thanks Peggy!  When I got this free offer from eSalon to test, try and review their hair products I was really excited.  I have wanted to try a different color of hair, but never had the guts or ability.  It took me 3-4 days of looking over the site, and checking out colors and getting my husband to sit down with me to look at hair colors with me before I finally choose my hair color.
these clips had spikes so they stayed put
           My natural hair color is ash brown.  It can get very soft, silky, and shiny.  It is naturally very fine, and has a medium thickness.  I have no curl what so ever.  So I was looking into 2 different hair colors: auburn and more of a blond.  I went with the golden blond color (honey is a good name for it, but the actual name is warm beige) because the auburn color on eSalon looked WAY TOO purple.  I would have liked to see more redish-brown coloring in the auburn.  When I got to my check out/ pay page on eSalon I had the option of getting the hair stylist's bowl, brush, clips, etc.  For me they gave those extras for free too.


had to cut bottle trying to get enough product
          Since I've never dyed my hair before, and when I received my fun box, there was so much stuff, I didn't know what to do even after reading the directions.  I went to a friend who does hair professionally so she could dye my hair for me.  She checked out the site as well, and the products.         She was very surprised at the amount of product, and as we worked on my hair, she really had to be careful so that there was enough product to get all my hair and especially my roots.  The product was a 2 oz bottle.  She said this is about the amount of product for a monthly treatment, not a whole cover hair dye.
after picture 1

after picture 2
         Peggy: A licensed professional hair stylist, and technician: The whole time she was doing my hair she was impressed that there was no chemical smell, my hair stayed smooth and soft during the whole process.  She loved the shine of my hair during the process and even right after as she blow dried it.  She LOVED LOVED LOVED the alligator clips (I let her keep them, the bowl, and brush since I'll never use them)!

Pros: no chemical smell, no chemical irritation, easy to use website and very friendly customer service.  Quick shipping, great product and color options.

Cons: not enough product to dye long hair, should have had twice the amount, no color treatment shampoo in package, thought that was odd

                                                       My Rating 


  1. wow! i love that color and it looks great on you :D new year, new hair? hehhehe


  2. I love the new color!! Looking good!!

    From PDX with Love

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