eSalon Custom Formulated Haircolor to Cover Gray

Details:   A professional grade hair dye to fit your lifestyle.  Salon quality haircolor at a price you can afford.  Get colorist formulated hair color designed specifically for your hair.  Based on hair type, style, coloring preferences, previous color history, current color, what you desire, you will get a custom formulated color blend specifically for your hair.  You'll end up with rich vibrant haircolor that's designed to meet your high standards.  Comes with easy to follow instructions.  You receive the same professional grade dyes found at high-end salons.  Get shiny and vibrant color with both outh the demi-permanent (ammonia free) and permanent haircolor.  Each order comes with leave-in conditioner, stain guard, stain remover, cotton pads and gloves. Check out eSalon website for detailed information.

My Review:  I went to the esalon.com to place my order.  I really liked how they have this profile you create to help determine which color you want to go with.  It starts out by asking about the 3 main colors-blonde, brunette to blacks,  and reds with all the shades in between. The profile proceeds by asking if you are changing your hair color completely, staying within the same color range, covering up gray etc.  It asks how short or long your hair is. They ask about previous coloring and treatment methods.  They ask about your ethnicity and color of your eyes to help formulate the right color for you based on your preferences.  After answering all the questions, they provide their recommendation for you.  I thought this process was very helpful.  You also have the option of sending a photo of yourself to have their colorists review and offer suggestions.  I did not do this.  They offer a 100% guarantee.  Lately I have come to appreciate companies that are willing to offer this. 

Before placing the order, they ask if you want extras such as a bowl and applicator brush, hair clips, coloring conditioner.  They even offer a timer which was very useful.  I recommend those items if you do not have them already.

I placed my order and within 3 days my order arrived, and I live on the opposite coast from where this was shipped.  I was very impressed at how fast this arrived.  I colored my hair the day these items came.

The product is approximately $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

Pros:   I was very impressed at how fast I received my order after placing it.  They provide detailed instructions, and it was easy to follow.  I really liked how my hair actually looked natural after completing the hair dye process.  There were no copper tones to my hair that other products had left me with.  Hopefully that doesn't come after washing it a few times.  My husband commented on how natural it looked, and how soft it felt.  I haven't applied the color enhancing treatment yet, as I haven't washed my hair since the initial day I applied the hair dye. 

 Cons:  I felt like there were three big downsides to this product.  First of all, I have dyed my hair in the past using a variety of products from stores, so I felt like I had some experience in doing this, and doing it by myself.  I was surprised that it required the help of a second person to make sure I got the hair dye completely covering my hair.  This may have been in part that they did not provide enough hair dye.  It does say on their website that for your first order they will include free an extra bottle of haircolor.  I did not receive this.   I have long hair, did state that in my profile, but still felt I could have used more product.  The other thing I disliked is how it burned my eyes when I first started applying the hair dye.  I couldn't see for a couple of minutes because my eyes burned so bad.  After that, I no longer got the ammonia smell or burning sensation to my eyes.

My Ratings:  A thumbs up for the coloring ordering and receiving, as well as the outcome of the coloring experience.   A thumbs down for not providing enough hair color, and the burning sensation I experienced for about the first 2 or 3 minutes after beginning the hair dye process. 

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